Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Got the Model A front end today

We, my dad, Tanisha and I, picked up the Ford front end today. Looks exactly like this one above that I found a picture of on We started taking it apart when we got back to Chilliwack. 

For 80 years old and out in the weather on a farm it comes apart pretty easy. Next day I'll be able to look at it will be Saturday. We have to split that wishbone looking thing. 

Splitting the wishbone is a popular hot rod thing to do.  It can get in the way of your bigger engines oil pan and you can get the car lower if it's not under the car. When the wishbone is split it becomes two leading arms and will run parallel to the chassis to the front suspension; to hold it in place; note the 3rd picture down.

 This is a threaded steel bung and ball joint to be welded in the cut off end of the split wishbone.
These brackets get bolted to the Chevy chassis
Finished it will look like this. 

 Here's a stock 1928 4 door. Pictures like this keep me motivated. 

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