Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ford Rear Axle

Here is the 2001 Ford Explorer rear axle in place on the original Chevy springs. They match up perfectly with no modifications. Once the front end is in place we will start the shock and sway bar mounting fabrication.

The plan is to get it rolling so we can take it out side. Clean it up then bring it back inside for painting, flat chassis black. Then we'll get the grill and engine in place and start the body work on the cowl to fit the longer engine. Still to get a Chevy T5 transmission with a mechanical speedometer and a Ford aluminum drive shaft.  After that it's brake clutch wiring etc.. Should have a turn key chassis by spring!
The tire is the spare out of my dad's Lincoln (It's parked for the winter). Eventually the car will have stock looking steel spoke wheels,16x4" rims. For now it will be sitting on whatever I can get. 
Disc stopping power! These have drum parking brakes inside the disc.
Great job Kobi! Thanks for helping 

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