Sunday, January 30, 2011

Front Axle Again..

Today was nice but cold. My dad and I cut out the king pins with a gas cutting torch. I cleaned up the surface rust, looks like new. We'll have to dress the machined surfaces as they have some swarf and dings in them. I want to add grease nipples in the bosses on the I-beam. Going to buy some black brake paint enamel. Paint the axle and the brake assembles.

Kind of nice as this axle will be done once and for all and we won't have to revisit this part. Unlike the rear axle that needs TLC,... wire wheel the rust off, add drain plug as the 2001 has a rubber plug, clean up/replace the brakes, paint etc..

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Front Axle Still

The weathers been crappy and money tight.

We have the front brakes together now. Looks nice!

I ordered some more parts. New perch bolts, spring shackles, and lower shock mounts. Once we have something accomplished that looks impressive,... I'll post pictures.

Side note: I was browsing Ebay for parts and found a glass bowl fuel filter with ceramic filter insert for 20 bucks Canadian! New old stock in the box. I think it'll be nice on the firewall.

I'll just put that with the oil bath air cleaner I'm not ready to use yet.... hehe