Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our 1928 Chevy begins

Looks promising. Nice and clean wooden spoke wheels. I think this is the only one that's together. These lights are not the stock ones. They're mid 30's or so. 
The body was stuffed in a chicken coop on a old farm.
Here is the chassis sitting on a trailer at the farm. It has been in storage for about 30 years. Story was it was in an accident and was taken apart to be restored. It was moved around from warehouse to warehouse in Vancouver till somewhat recently brought out to Chilliwack. A news paper that some parts were wrapped up in was dated 1974.
Mechanical band-brakes with asbestos lining. There is a inner and outer. Inner for 'parking brake' and outer for 'service brakes'.
Mechanical S-cam brakes. This was the first mass-production car to have 4 wheel brakes (most had only rear, scary! Lucky for them they weren't going that fast back then). This front end will be replaced with 1930's Model A Ford one with a disc brake kit.
The grill. The brass Chevy emblem is missing but hopefully in a box.
 The glass is all broken. The glass is 3/8" thick plate glass. Modern bulletproof glass is about that thick.
That is the back window/rear section of the roof.
A fender
A dash sitting on top of the cowl. I've got some things twice.