Sunday, November 14, 2010

Front axle

My dad and I removed the Chevy's old front axle, steering box, and leaf spring mounts today. It's looking pretty cool. Straight out Hot Rod magazine!

Those old time hammered steel rivets are solid. I had to grind then drill them out. I was thinking I'd just be able to grind off the head and punch them out but nope.

There is some front frame damage from the accident it was once in. With the Ford front end it won't effect the alinement or strength of the chassis. Another reason the Ford axle is best. The Ford axle doesn't relay on anything past the front radiator mount/cross member.

I think to fix the bend I'll make a stencil of the unbent side then heat up the bends and hopefully bend and hammer it back into shape to match. That can wait for now...

I wish I took the camera.

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